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The only time I've seen someone 'locked out' of their data is if they turn on encryption (available only if the drive is formatted NTFS), then their computer crashes, and they have to reinstall Windows. The encryption keys are stored in your Windows user data, so if you lose that, you lose access to said data.

There IS a way to export your keys to a file, so that if your computer crashes, and you have to reformat, you can get all the encrypted data... it's not hard to do, but most people don't realize it's a necessity.

PS: SOME hard drive enclosures have heat issues. I've never used one that has. My external drive is up 24/7 and has been for 6 months now... never had a problem. The internal drive in my server, on the other hand, has overheated twice... had to install another fan to cool it.

I think it has more to do with the hard drive itself than the enclosure. (External hard drives are simply internal drives in an external enclosure) Some drives run hotter than others.
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