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I haven't had a problem with overheating my external HD. I have a 320GB Western Digital that has been fantastic. I partitioned the drive into three 100GB hard drives just so i can reformat portions of it if need be and store the information from one partition on another temporarily if I need to while doing so. I basically have a backup Partition for everything on the laptop's internal HD, a music specific partition, and another partition for extra media, whether it be games or pictures, or anything else. So far no problems, and as for teh overheating, you can stand the Western Digital on its narrow side at least, and it has ventilation on both sides, thus keeping it cooler than if it were just in its side with the biggest surface area.

Another nice feature that may be in some other manufacturer's drives now is two USB ports built into the case of the external drive, so you can daisychain them together if you need more space, or connect other peripherals to it, such as a digital camera or USB mouse or whatever. It also has 2 firewire ports built into it, but I am yet to use those outside of using one for my Ipod. But all in all, I would def. suggest an external, as I have never had a problem with this one nor the previous one I owned.
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