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Originally Posted by transplant
this chart seems a little off to me... i'm 6'4" (76 inches) about 210 lbs. which is off the chart, but guesstimating the curves out a little still puts me 'overweight'. i don't know my exact bodyfat percentage, but it's darn low... if this is based off BMI, hasn't that fallen out of favor since it doesn't take into consideration muscle mass vs. body fat?
Transplant, you are correct. These charts don't take into account "unusual" body types or people carrying a lot of muscle mass. A couple of years ago Shaquille O'Neal was told that, according to the BMI chart, he was "obese". His response?

Ive read that same formula, but as an athlete, Im classified as phenomenal, ONeal told The AP. You can look it up.
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