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Originally Posted by Tightwad
Hmmmmmm.....I take it that you have no other hobbies or habits to support and........

you are not married?

Must be nice.
um..... you couldn't be more wrong.

I am a 31 year old etl programmer. Married for 10 years with a 3 year old son. I am also remodeling a house at the moment.
do it yourself home repair
freshwater fish
reptiles (in between reptiles at the moment. My gecko died
and a few other hobbies I can not remember.

I can justify my cycling expenditures due to the fact I do not have a car and my work is 30 miles away.
Besides, I've had something like a 30% raise in the last two years and a promotion. Considering that a new car costs north of $15,000 + title + taxes + gas + maint + insurance, a $1000 bike is a steal. Actually maybe 3 months of car payments. So anyhow.....
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