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Originally Posted by corny
First off please forgive my incompetance, I am new at this!

I was on a stationary bike in the gym yesterday, a SportArt 5200U as it happens

I clocked 25.00 mins covering 12.2 Km at load 6, 95+ RPM (not that that means anything!) burning 520 calories according to the onscreen calculator.

Converting this to Power means a power output of 1450W for 25 mins - is this any good? More over, is it likely to be at all accurate?
Exercise power and calorie measurements are wildly inaccurate. There's no reason that such a device couldn't be very accurate, but they aren't. I presume either 1) it's more expensive to be accurate or 2) people like the inflated values, or 3) a little of both.

Burning 500 calories in an hour is a pretty good level of effort, for comparison.

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