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Originally Posted by dauphin
That was a weird one. All of the listings showed pics of the bikes and the usual stats. All except frame size. So I clicked on the button that said "ask seller a question" to ask the size. The reply I got back was from a totally different "seller" saying I don't know. Immediately after that, all the listings were yanked.
Most likely, scammers had hijacked a legitimate account that had legitimate feedback. YOur question went to the owner of the hijacked account, who complained to eBay.

The easiest way to spot hijacked accounts: the item description gives you an alternate email and directs you not to use the official eBay seller email link for some reason. If you check the feedback, it will be for teacups or postcards, but not for bikes. Another way to spot a scam: often the description says the item is Buy It Now, but the eBay Buy-It-Now icon is not enabled so you can't use BIN and must email. The whole idea is to get you out of the eBay system by using their private email address. People who have contacted them report the interaction usually leads to the fake-escrow scam or the UPS/USPS shipment confirmation scam.

No-one legitimate sells a brand-new high-end bike at 75 percent or more discount, and no-one legitimate has huge overstocks of high-end bikes that they simply must get rid of on eBay. These scams go on constantly, have been going on constantly, and will go on as long as they work. As far as I can tell, eBay does nothing to stop them other than removing the items IF someone complains.

Last year I reported three different auctions by scammers selling the same limited edition numbered Livestrong Madone. It's truly buyer beware.

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