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I don't believe it, only because so many of the riders implicated in the last scandal are cleared- but it's too late for them to attend the Tour, which is a sin, in my opinion. A whole squad disqualified, and nearly all proven to be true? Ridiculous. I find it incredible that people act like hypocrites here- taking the word of a highly inaccurate test and not even waiting for the B sample to get released before making nasty comments and taking digs at a guy who is a a 100% legit and truthful guy, in my opinion. Even if the B sample comes out to be positive, I'm still going to wait to hear from him first before I make a final decision. I actually have this thing- it's called A MIND, and I think I can look at the facts for myself. The fact is, Landis took cortisone shots with the approval of the officials. Cortisone is a steriod... and how do we know what cortisone will do to influence the results of the test?

I feel really bad for the guy- using a flawed test to test a guy taking steroid shots that he was allowed to test, winning the Tour, and now having the ugly accusations mar the hard work he did? It's sad and pathetic. I feel like the Tour really is letting us down- using a test that is overly broad and creates villians out of heros like Landis. If I ever met Landis, I'd shake his hand... heck, I'd KISS his hand and thank him for riding strong and increasing the public awareness of cycling and for giving us one heck of a great race.

He's innocent. You all will see it. Just wait.

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