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Originally Posted by Steele-Bike
After months of planning on riding the last day of RAGBRAI, my plans were squashed by an illness. But, I was not too bummed, because the ride was going right in front of my house. How many times do you get to watch 10-15,000 riders go by your house in a 4 hour period? So, I took full advantage of the situation and set my lawn chairs at the curb side, pulled the garden hose out to the street and sprayed some mist to cool the sweaty masses. If you rode through West Branch and saw a guy with his wife and kid sitting on the opposite side of the road spraying a hose, that was Steele-Bike himself.

I was surprised that I got yelled at several times when said riders had wandered across the center line into my mist of water. I even had a State Trooper stop to confirm that I wasn't spraying anyone who didn't want it. (Let the record show that I was lightly misting the opposite side of the road.) It was 90+ degrees and who is so concerned on a tour that they might encounter a split second of moisture. Maybe they didn't have their Gore-Tex lycra on, my bad. Anyways, it was quite a sight, and I captured an hour and half of it on my video camera. Too bad Lance skipped the last day. Maybe I will ride along with the 500,000 riders next year in hopes of seeing the man...

I think most of us appreciated the spray. There are grouches in every crowd.

Some riders, of course, carry squirt guns to return the favor.
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