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I'm sorry illness kept you from riding RAGBRAI this year.

I only did the first 3 days. There were people spraying water out onto the street with garden hoses & there were those who just had a lawn sprinkler set up to do so. I am a cyclist who does not like being sprayed with water. I either say no thank you or shake my head no at the person doing it. They usually stop spraying or I am able to ride around it to avoid getting wet. If it is a sprinkler that is spraying the whole street with out anyone there I stop get off the bike & make a wide berth around it going through a ditch if I have to.

I do not like the cold shock to my body. I ride a recumbent & do not like the foam seat pad getting wet. And as I carry no lube on RAGBRAI I would rather not have my components getting wet with out anyway to re-lube them. I wear glasses & water spots on them make it hard to see. So if it were me I would have said no or made a wide berth around you to avoid getting sprayed.
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