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Yeh my grandfather worked for the Caterpillar Corp in Cuba for years
we spent every Christmas and new Years in Cuba visiting grandparents in the eastern part of the island
The airport was chaos asCastro and his troops approached Havana, my grandfather was offered many times the actual price of the tickets from Cuban nationals who were afraid to stay, His corp was a very good customer of Pan American Airways, which is why our tickets were honored.
We rode from the hotel in Havana in Cuban army truks with troops carrying weapons, and as always at the bottom of the stairway up to the plane was "passport" control who took a 20$ US which was always folded inside the passport
And yeh I may have been very young at the time but I still remember the chaos in the airport, yelling and crying, willing to pay anything for a ticket

My grandfather kept the office and yard open for 6 months and then was told to return to the US, Castros troops looted everything they could move

If anyone wants to read a good book about the niteclubs in Havana in the Batista years locate "Tropicana Nites" written by the wife of the American who owned it for years she was living in Calif until her death perhaps a year ago, the book has pix of lots of Hollywood types Including Liberace and Sinatra

Don't hold your breath about" regime change" in Cuba
But when it does I want the paint concession and a couple of barges to load them with the vintage American cars still in use in theisland
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