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Everyone needs to lay off Euro. He's one of the most rational people on this issue. Check out all his posts on the Tour or Floyd. This is not an issue of nationality - there are things Brits are better at than Americans and vice versa. Who gives a ****?

The issue is that, yes, Floyd cheated. No this is not a conspiracy. Do you guys really believe that? Honestly? I was as bummed as anybody after Stage 16, then totally pumped after 17. Floyd was my cycing hero for like a week. I thought he was clean, but tests proving exogenous testosterone proved me wrong. And I'm not going to believe he's the victim of some Anti-American conspiracy. That's really just silly and childish. I believe most of these guys are doping. Almost all top-level athletes are. I don't care who's failed drug tests. Failed drug tests are anomolies. These sports (this extends to American sports like baseball and football) involve so much money, especially when compared to the budgets of WADA and USADA. It's unreal. Even the anti-dopers admit that the drug cheats are generally a couple years ahead of the testers. It's a rare case, based almost entirely on luck, when the USADA stumbles upon a new, undectable drug. See Patrick Arnold and the BALCO case for more on this.

Floyd got caught. Now he has to deal with the consequences. Let's all knock off the notion that somebody (especially an entire continent of people) is out to get him. The King is dead. Long live the King.
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