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Originally Posted by Kurto
The issue is that, yes, Floyd cheated. No this is not a conspiracy. Do you guys really believe that? Honestly? I thought he was clean, but tests proving exogenous testosterone proved me wrong. And I'm not going to believe he's the victim of some Anti-American conspiracy. That's really just silly and childish.

Let's all knock off the notion that somebody (especially an entire continent of people) is out to get him. The King is dead. Long live the King.
Doesn't have to be the entire continent out to get him. Would only take a select few to contaminate a urine sample and report false positives. Do you work for the UCI? Do you work for their lab? Have you ever been to their lab? Is it not possible the lab is behind this?

Do you really 100% believe it's not possible the UCI, or certain individuals in the UCI, are not corrupt? It's certainly a possibility.
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