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Originally Posted by humancongereel
you're making absinthe? can i try some? pretty please?

or maybe i misundertood this thread. but it does remind me that i need to get a kit and make some.
something made from a kit is not absinthe. and yes you can try some when i finish this batch.

Originally Posted by sivat
I tried making some once. It was basically a vodka infusion with wormwood and a few other spices. I've heard everclear makes is a bit more authentic tasting. Having drank real absinthe, I don't think the infusion is anywhere close.
an infusion is not absinthe, period.

Originally Posted by In Absentia
Just buy it. There are plenty of websites that will send it here. Many of them are even discreet enough as to not get your expensive liquor confiscated by customs. That way you can get really good absinthe instead of ****ty, anise(ass)-tasting absinthe. The stuff you make from the kit isn't even really absinthe anyway, it's just a weak imitation from what I've heard. Edit: As evidenced by sivat's testimony.
expensive. very expensive.

Originally Posted by LóFarkas
^^^ Is any of that stuff the real deal? Like, the proper hallucinogenic romantic poet deal that kills you fair and square? Cuz that's what absinthe used to be, but AFAIK current versions are more like a very strong liquor with a funny taste and that's it.

I'm guessing ZachS isn't making absinthe, just some art or whatever.
you are guessing incorrectly.

absinthe is not even as hallucinogenic as pot. and it does not kill you fair and square. it got a bad rep for a good reason, though. in the 1890's an insect called phylloxera wiped out most of the vinyards in europe. in france, the lower classes switched to absinthe - just like the ingredients in gin, the herbs used in absinthe do a good job of wiping out the nasty taste of cheaply distilled alcohol. but absinthe has a much higher alcohol content than gin does (~75%), and the herbs make it easy to drink more of it. many producers were unscrupulous and added poisonous additives for color.

drinking ****loads of rotgut poison booze will kill you fair and square.

anyway, current versions run the gamut from painstakingly researched period reproductions to mouthwash-tasting czech monstrosities. mine is somewhere in the middle, basically a very tasty pastis with quite a kick to it. as authentic as it needs to be.

Originally Posted by sivat
To be "real" absinthe, ie. halucinogenic, it needs to be made from wormwood. From what I know, most of the stuff now is not made with wormwood because it kills you. But even the original stuff was mostly just really strong alcohol. The guys like van gogh who went crazy were serious alcoholics who would drink the stuff like water.
not quite. see above. but you're right about the guys who went crazy - and it was the alcohol who harmed them more than anything else.

wormwood does not kill you. it is mildly toxic to the liver, but only in much larger quantities than are found in properly made absinthe (as hippies who drink pure wormwood extract to get high soon learn). you don't want to drink a lot of absinthe every day, though. speaking from experience, you don't want to drink absinthe every day at all.

you also don't want to take a lot of tylenol every day. the tylenol is probably worse for you.

Originally Posted by pixel
There was an article in Ready-Made (the magazine) a bit back with directions on how to make your own absinthe. Never got around to trying it out.
it's a bit complicated, because you need a still. but a fun hobby, and not too hard at all if you can cook and have a good sense of taste.

anyway, i've been at this for about 5 years now, and I pretty much know what I'm doing. need to be more consistent with my recipes, though. been a while since i made a batch, and it's time to get this **** started again.

and thanks for the compliments about the label.
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