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Originally Posted by N_C
Not sure what people's problem with my blog is, but it is my blog. I can post what I like there, there are no rules, except my own.

If you don't like what I post in my blog, don't read it. How hard is that advice to follow?
You are, of course, correct. It is your blog and you are free to post whatever you choose.

However, you chose to create an entire thread on this forum to promote your blog. Therefore it follows that other forum users have the right to discuss your blog here, in this thread, on this forum.

You chose to create the thread so you need to be open to the discussion it creates. As you can see, some members agree with you, some don't. No one has the right to show disrespect to other members and even those who disagree should remain civil, but people should be able to speak freely about matters that are posted.

You need to stop letting other people push your buttons so easily. You feel that you're doing the right thing. So do other members. You can't control the thoughts of those who don't.
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