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I have no comment either way about the use of a camera to record license plates of cars that do silly things while we are riding, but I do have a question. N_C, in all seriousness, are you enjoying your bike riding? From what I understand about your riding situation, through your posts, your riding seems rife with stress and confrontation. I think all of us have days where there seem to be an above average ammount of traffic conflicts, but you seem to have them daily. I am not trying to pick a fight here, but is there something you are doing that promotes this? Are you hyper sensative? Does following a car and taking a picture of it help your stress or does it make it worse by provoking a continued confrontation? (ok, my feelings on the camera are slipping out now, but I think the question I am asking is a valid one) I forget if you posted this before, but have you been hit and badly hurt? Is this where this, pardon the word, paranoia comes from?

If you are truly not having much fun, and traffic is getting on your nerves, is there a way to get where you are going with out being on the road? I know and agree that we have the right to be on the road, but I wonder if taking a break from it is not a bad idea if riding is not so much fun.
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