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I need some advice to get started on parts...(picture of my Cannondale frame)

Here's a ~16-20 year old Cannondale frame I found in my buddy's garage that was once his older brother's. For good measure, I called up his brother that lives far away if I could have it. He could've cared less about the bike, as it had been sitting in my friend's garage for the last 10+ years gathering dust and rust.


There is nothing that was brazed on for me to remove. There were basically plastic clips that held in the brake lines that popped right out with a set of pliers. So now there are holes in the frame, but those are standard.

Is this thing made of aluminum or something? Part of the tube is a lot thicker than the rest. (On a side note, there is also a Centurion bike of the same vintage, in the same shape. His older brothers were twins...I'm wondering if that is the better bike to turn into a fixie).

So I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what exactly it is that I need to buy. I have no clue what size to look for on anything. The only thing I know about a bike is how to ride one. I am pretty good with tools and minor fabrication, as I used to be a mechanic.

I'd like to make this thing a fixed gear bike with just a front brake. I have the handlebars, but I don't know how to take off the brake. Any advice?


There doesn't seem to be anything to pop off so I can access a screw or anything.

If anyone could PM me links to specific parts i would need, or just PM me the sizes.

The only thing I know is that the neck says "0.875" which I'm assuming is the diameter. That's about it.

Also, how do I tell what size bike this is? I rode it once when I was 13 years old, and it fit me pretty well. I think I was about 5'8 or 5'9 back then...the bike was still in fantastic shape back then. What part of the bike do I measure to figure out what size this is?
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