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Another upgrade to my BF Pocket Pilot

I have upgraded everything on my Pocket Pilot to Ultegra, brakes, crank, front and rear derailleur. And now I put on the 9 speed Brifters as well. The bike came as an 8 speed with bar end shifters but I found that while riding in traffic at high speeds that removing your hand to shift gears was a little uncomfortable and shakey. One of my roadies had a set of 9 speed Ultegra shifters on it. It is a bike that I let friends use when they want to ride with me if they do not have road bike. I pulled off the shifters and the cassette and threw it on my BF Pocket Pilot. A BIG improvement in the shifting department when in traffic, no more one handed riding while shifting.
A worthwhile 2 hour project(1 hour to change and 1 hour to put original Tiagra shifters back on old bike).
The front shifter is a triple but I just set the high limit screw so it cannot go past the second ring and it works great, you would never know it is a triple shifter. My bike is now complete!!
Anyone looking for a travel road bike I cannot recommend the Bike Friday line enough.
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