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Originally Posted by GuitarWizard
That's a lot of get burned out at any point?
I got burned out mentally about midway through the season, still operating at 95% physically, but didn't have the drive to suffer through some races. Had a week or so off and that helped.

Definitely feeling it though, next year I won't be chasing points (there's no real need for me to upgrade to Cat 2, the Master's stuff is all 1/2/3) so I'm going to have a real program with real peaks, and some real recovery peroids.

Originally Posted by DrPete
Just out of curiosity, what do you do for a living that you can do 50 races in a season? that's 2 per week for 6 months.

OK, it's not just out of curiosity--there's some envy and frustration there too.
I'm a writer/editor. Getting to 50 was a lot of racing, but I'm at that advanced age where I can ride a bunch of classes at any particular race. I think my record is five in one weekend. We also have a top notch twilight series where I live that's as fast as the USCF stuff. Last year I concentrated on that, this year I only rode a few and did mostly USCF.

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