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Sadly the source whom sould you the bike, didn't care. A 650c wheeled machine should be sold to a rider knowing exactly what he wants. I have a few clients that have 650c wheeled machines and love them and will never go back to 700c. There really is no problem.

Curious to know if the angles on the Cannondale. If it has "traditional" road angles, it should not be a problem too much. The main concern may be the relation of the seat height vs. stem height. If this is to your comfort then I see no problem in going with the 700c.

You can find a good variety of wheels and tyres. Any real bike shop that actually knows can show you many choices.

There are still a few manufacturers offering 650c wheeled machines. Not as popular now days as they are more specific and most shops nation wide really have no idea on the sport thus they may not offer these.

I personally do not see a problem if you like thefeel and your only concern is the availability of parts.

Good points you may read from riders is the weight issue and some claim them to be faster at accelrations and more aerodynamic due to the size. All these are simply opinions. Everyone will have a different one.
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