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Originally Posted by stokell
We are buying a new (or new to us) tandem. We hope to do some touring in Europe. I've been told that I MUST have S&S couplers to take the bike on the plane. Is this true? It will add a lot to the cost of our bike and I'm not sure I want the added inconvenience.
Folks have been travelling abroad with full-size tandems for many years... they're not essential and, yes, they bump up the price of a steel framed tandem by $1,200 - $2,000 depending on what you decide to do about cases (more for Aluminum, Ti or Carbon).

However, a coupled tandem will eliminate almost all of the hassles and added expense associated with toting a full-size tandem around if you're not riding to and from the airport, e.g., you've got to get your 80 - 100lb "coffin-sized box" to and from the airport, onto public transit, shuttle buses, trains, etc... and those are not always easy things to do. The 45-60 minutes associated with unpacking/assembly and disassembly/packing are a small "price" to pay, and if you travel enough those oversized luggage fees, larger than standard size rental vehicles, and other related expenses can begin to add up.

Bottom Line: Having a travel tandem means you can decide to take your tandem along on a trip... not planning your trip around travelling with a tandem.

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