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Ortlieb makes some decent handlebar bags with some of the best attachment mechanisms around- you don't have to fiddle with velcro straps every time you leave your bike. However, there's no way to put 1-1.5 ft^3 of storage on the front of your bike and have it be aero. I actually think your best option is to take off the carbon seatpost that I assume you have and get an aluminum one and one of these:

I also assume you're probably going to want a slightly different seat for touring anyway so an entire seatpost swap would be the fastest way to put your bike in 'touring mode'.

I have a non-expandable high tail and it's absolutely excellent for brevets and point-to-point rides where all I have to carry is food, maps, jacket, lock, and a rubik's cube. Unfortunately, I use a tiny frame and I can barely tilt the regular high tail off the clip when I want to remove it, but as long as you're not short the attachment system is super. It beats the crap out of a clamp-on seatpost rack for small loads and I would bet that with some creativity or a small handlebar bag you'll be able to fit all your stuff for a weekend tour in there.
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