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there have been revisions in the interstate commerce act and its chapters, to significantly tighten up tax collection for items shipped between the states. I forget how the feds determine how and in which ways the burdens, compliance, and payments are managed, but it was an attempt by business and government interests in states with sales taxes to prevent 'border shopping' that removes $$$$ and tax revenues from states' economies.

also an attempt to recapture internet sales by brick and mortar businesses. i remember this all getting the shake down in the legislature over 5 years years ago now....its' been slow to take as the processes become implemented.

out here in the West there is reverse reciprocity by participating states and business (totally voluntary) where a state that has a state sales tax allows tax free purchases to be made by residents of Oregon or Alaska when they buy or ship items in for use in their home states. don't know how that affects internet purchases by im betting oregon or alaska residents don't pay sales tax on nashbar stuff.

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