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There are very strong west winds all summer long in Patagonia. I spent a few days in Punta Arenas along the Straight of Magellin. There was nonstop audible wind 24 hours a day. It would drive me insane to live there. Biking from the airport into town was not easy because of the very strong crosswind. It was hard to maintain control of the bike when a truck would pass me when I was returning to the airport, because it would momentarily block the wind.

I toured in northern Patagonia in both Chile & Argentina (the Bariloche area). There was a moderate west wind on the Argentine side, especially when you got further away from the Andes, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the wind in the far south. As you move away from the Andes on the Argentine side, the landscape quickly gets bleak. The Chilean side is green and lush. Other cyclists have raved about the Carretera Austral, the route in Chile south of Puerto Montt.
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