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Originally Posted by fatsoforgotso
Is it such an exotic idea for some people to keep their dog on a leash if he's untrained and uncontrollable?
Over the course of a 18Km ride this morning, I've had a Bullmastiff go across the road to check me out, several muts barking like mad and trying to jump the fence of their cottages, and finally the cherry on top of the cake: a german shepherd and some other dog chased me at high speed over 150m (sprint training).
Just 2 weeks ago I was chased by no less than 3 dogs at once, while passing a run-down house.
On both instances of being chased by dogs, the owners were old ladies. Coincidence?
Pepper spray has just become a controlled weapon in this country. Must I wait until I get bitten to put a knife through the top of the dog's skull? Or should I go straight for the old bag that owns said dog and hit her with an ASP baton? Cheez...

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