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BMX/skate show at the NM state fair

My family went down to Albuquerque to the state fair this weekend, I had entered 3 photos and we got to see those on display (won 50 bucks with them)

When we were there, there was this team of people that brought their box jump and vert ramp and gave shows of BMX and skating. It's called 'maximum velocity'. I don't really like the idea of BMX as a circus show type of thing, but it was pretty cool to watch. Definitely some good riders. I had my camera, so of course I got some pictures. I shoot landscapes and animals, don't whine at me because they suck (unless you have ways I could improve)

They were all taken with my Canon 350D, Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 @ 5.6, 1/200th of a second, ISO 200, and onboard flash. I used a circular polarizer as well.

Nosedive 360 over the box:

Brake-assisted (pffft!) footjam whip on the lip:

Suicide no-hander out of the ramp:

Big air out (might have been a moto whip too, I don't know):

Tailwhip out of the ramp:

Skate trick I don't know the name of:

Flair (sh1t was nice):

Nice big superman seatgrab over the box:
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