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Originally Posted by flair1111
After I loaded up my bike after a 20 mile run i was driving back on the road with the wife and kids. It was almost dark and had my lights on. I noticed up the road a ways was a biker hugging the shoulder. As I approached, i slowed a bit until it was safe to pass. Upon doing so the lights on my jeep shinned on the biker revealing an awful site. You could see straight through his spandex shorts due to the bright Jeep lights. I almost gagged. Seeing a naked like butt of a guy pedaling wasnt good for my eyes. My wife was sick to. Dont ride at night spandex people! Either that or wear a long cape!
The bicycle shorts have padding in them. So even if you could see through the spandex part, it couldn't have been that bad. Am I missing something?
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