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Building Management Giving Me a Hard Time About Bike

I'm back in Dallas for one day from the Netherlands and I hate it already. On my way home from work today, an employee of the building (the Crescent building for those of you from Dallas) management company approached me and asked if I was a tenant at the building. After anwsering "yes" he asked that I use the freight elevator from now on when travelling with my bike up and down the building because:

1. He thinks other tenants are bothered by my bike in the elevator.
2. The bike might mark the polished marble floors.

I've been travelling with my bike to and from work on and off for the last two years and never had problems with other tenants nor has my bike ever left a mark on the floor. I don't see how it is any different from people rolling their much heavier suitcases in and out of the building.

The problem with the freight elevator is that it's out of the way and I have to ring an intercom first and talk to someone before it works.

I can't help but think the guy is giving me a hard time simply because I have a bike. My guess is that he probably thought I'm a courier or a Chinese delivery man with my rolled up khakis and wanted to give me a hard time until he realized that I was a tenant. Then he switched lines to not sound like an ass.

In any case, any advice? I've written an email to my office manager asking for clarification and someone from the building management I can contact.
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