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American Made In More Ways Than One - The continuing Burley saga

In response to jmR&D :
"One thing worse would be if any of the handful of dirt bag cooperative wreckers get to keep their jobs, but that's another story."

How dare you question the great American corporation tradition of screwing the rank and file workers!!! This is the American way, my friend. What are you ... a hippie "girlie man" (with apologies to Velonomad)?

Hey, if a couple of sales and marketing types - along with a disgraced CEO now gone it appears - can find a way to put more money in their pockets while giving the heave-ho to former bike and sewing production co-workers (who were the true worker bees of the Burley business), who are you to complain? They didn't go to jail did they for their behavior? Heck, they only added to the unemployment rolls of the local economy - what's truly wrong with that?

With the extra dollars in their wallets, the responsible managers can now afford plenty of the best quality sleeping pills money can buy - which should make sleeping at night a bit easier I reckon. Look at the high price they have to pay when going out in public to shop or having to face former friends in the cycling community; surely this must be worth the salaries they paid themselves? Like hjeand observes, your view jm is just plain dribble. I wasted 5 minutes of my life reading your post (I read a bit faster it seems than hjeand, so at least it wasn't 10 minutes of wasted life).
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