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The fork is actually the best part of the bike, and one of the reasons folks choose Cannondale. If I need to, I can put more air in the fork so it can take the weight. I was concerned more with the weight. I already know I need to do two things to make the bike more tourable. First, the tires on it are great for downhill riding, but they have the most resistance, and are just about the least efficient tires I could possibly use. I'll need tires with less rolling resistance, and probably significantly less wide.

Secondly, the saddle on the bike is notriously uncomfortable, and I am finding out why it has the reputation. I did a four hour ride, and simply couldn't continue because my butt was hurting so much. It hurt for a few days thereafter. There are a few causes aside from the saddle that caused that. First, it was only my fifth ride in about 13 years, and by far my longest. Second, I weigh 265, and am losing rapidly, but that is a lot of extra weight to carry. I should really weight about 200 to 210. Third, it simply isn't the best saddle out there. I'm hoping a touring saddle will make things much better. Maybe a B-17 or something along those lines.

Beyond that, is has the reputation of a good climber, and I would have to agree with that. It's AWESOME at downhills. The Lefty fork has only one side, but a very big, bulky, built up side. It actually makes for a plusher, stiffer fork, and also saves a lot of weight. For an All Mountian bike, it is pretty light at about 30 pounds.
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