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Originally Posted by BobSmalls
Now hang on a minute. I just bought a Schwinn bike at Target for $200. I may not be a serious cyclist (yet) but I don't see anything wrong with the bike I got. It's a great comfort bike, with a tight, paddle-shifted gearset, F&R suspension, and light weight for its feature set. What's not to like?

The bike shop wanted $350 for their cheapest bike: a Taiwanese-made mountain bike with fewer features and a crappy grip-shift. Sometimes it's better to buy the most expensive bike at Target than the cheapest one at the bike shop.

Ask me again in a few years, but I bet I'll still recommend a Schwinn for your mom.
True. But at your bike shop the bikes are assembled by a mechanic, I'm not sure who assembles bikes at target. And alot of bike shop offer at least a free first tune-up, mine gave me lifetime.

FYI I ride a Schwinn Fastback, best bang for buck entry bike, IMO.
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