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Originally Posted by Portis
Find them at your nearest Schwinn dealer.

Mr. Smalls, if you like your bike, that is great. But a great bike it is NOT! Great $200 full suspension bikes don't exist. (maybe you meant that it has seatpost suspension?) Either way, you would probably do better at a LBS.

There are HUGE differences between a top of the line Walmart bike and a $400 lbs bike. If you don't want to acknowledge that, ok, but it makes it no less true.
We should all remember that "great" is a very subjective attribute. In the case of Mr. Smalls, it likely describes the extent to which the bike is suited for its intended purpose, in his opinion. If he determines that the bike is "great" for its purpose, who are any of us to question his judgement. He loves his bike and is happy with his purchase.

I personally have two bikes (a road and a mtb) each valued at well over $2,000 that sit in my garage more than my two other bikes (a road ss and a rigid mtb) for which I paid less than $100 each (not new). Each of those lesser quality bikes perfectly suit a need that the more expensive ones do not address so well, so they are "great" bikes to me. Moreover, I see that need much more than I have the need to ride the fastest, lightest, most efficient bikes, so the cheap ones get much more use.

You have no idea what Mr. Smalls is doing with his bike, so you are simply measuring his bike against your imagined intended purpose. I say let the man enjoy his bike. How in the world can one more happy cyclist be a bad thing?
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