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Originally Posted by Rowan
I don't disagree with you again. But... the people who buy dept-store bikes generally aren't intent on riding "long" distances. In many cases, the bikes are transport for short distances. All said and done, people will bypass a good-quality anything, albeit scratched up and cheaper, for bright and shiny brand new if it falls within their budget.

The other factor at play is image -- that few bike shops carry used stock, and the prices promoted in windows would scare off many prospective low-priced customers anyway.
I can see your points, but I also think that many dept. store bikers are set at a price range that either yeilds a dept. store bike or a used bike from a private party sale. I think many know they could probably get a better bike by going private party but are unskilled as mechanics and unsophisticated as to the differenty types of bikes, how to tell if one is in good shape, how to fit, etc, so they just buy the dept. store bike for simplicity.
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