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Bikes: Pacific Duece AL with mods

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Originally Posted by Rowan
I don't disagree with you again. But... the people who buy dept-store bikes generally aren't intent on riding "long" distances. In many cases, the bikes are transport for short distances. All said and done, people will bypass a good-quality anything, albeit scratched up and cheaper, for bright and shiny brand new if it falls within their budget.

The other factor at play is image -- that few bike shops carry used stock, and the prices promoted in windows would scare off many prospective low-priced customers anyway.
I remember riding an old rusty "Trendz" BMX 25 miles to see a girl and 25 back when I was 12....the only problem I had was my butt was sweaty after I got home from the plastic seat. I've ridden many bikes of various qualities. I own probably 15 working bikes and almost that many in various forms of disrepair. Sure I love my old Schwinns, and I currently ride an 80 something Trek with BioPace, but I loved my Pacific dual suspension MTB from Toys R Us that I bought 8 years ago and just recently retired as my commuter. if you take care of a bike it will last and get you where you want to go. the only reason I switched to the trek is because I couldn't put fenders and a frame mounted rack on the Pacific. I still ride the old one though around the neighborhood. it's a matter of preference. and besides, maybe some of the people who ride the heavier bikes want resistance training as well? I appreciate quality, but even the most expensive, highest quality bike is junk if you don't take care of it
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