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's always entertaining to read various thoughts on the more controversial threads that are posted on the Bike Forum. That's why I finally joined. Thing is, it seems to me if you don't want to read a particular thread (or "don't care" as slow and steady claims), you can simply ignore the thread, and choose not to read it. Simple as that.

There are plenty of threads I personally choose not to pursue; some I just "don't care" about, or they don't have much relevance to me or my riding (such as the over 50 forum, or recumbents for example). But, please, don't put words in my mouth for your pwn objectives about what people care about and what they don't. This is the only place that a newbie to the sport like myself can get inside perspective on the bike retail business - right or wrong. But any intelligent person can sort through the various perspectives and make up their minds on their own.
Alright I totally agree with you. But, this guy has some kind of an agenda to appears out of nowhere to have a seemingly one way conversation with Burley. Frankly its a little weird.
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