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Avid Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Avid has always made the best mechanical disc brakes on the market. The BB7. The easily setup and adjustment price, etc. Couple years ago (well more then a couple but not too long ago), Avid came out with Hydraulic Disk brakes. After using BB7 for a while myself and based on review, Avid was always perfect. So I have to go try out Avid Hydraulics. I started off with the Juicy 7. Put it on the front on a dirt jumper and moded the rotor (Hope 2 pcs floating roter at 180mm). The power is great. I also like their red knob where you can adjust the pads and the little hex screw to adjust the lever position. The Juicy five does not offer that so I never went for it. Then the Carbon 7 came out. No big deal and differences from the Juicy 7 besides carbon lever and lighter weight. So I didn't bother.

Now Avid comes out with Juicy Ultimate and CODE.

This is what is confusing me. Juicy 5 & 7 is for XC and AM.
The Juicy Carbon which is the same as Juicy 7 but just carbon there for lighter is for Cross Country, All Mountain, Freeride, and Downhill. Where did the Freeride and Downhill came frame?

Q: Is Juicy Seven and Juicy Carbon the same other then carbon vs. non carbon?

Then comes the Juicy Ultimate which is for XC only. Not even AM. I guess its because of its light weight. Its the lightest out of all five.

Then comes the CODE which is a different story because it has Four pistons design for FR and DH. Just like the Magura Gustav's, Hope M4, Shimano M755, etc.

My point is Avid used to be the simplest brand on disc brakes and now they are making it a bit too complicated.

Click here to vist Avid Hydraulic Disc brake site
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