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After seeing all of the new '07 gruppos and seeing the specs, I still think the new '07 Campy stuff is the best. I used to think Shimano had a one up on Campy with their hollowtech cranks, but not anymore. The new Ultra-Torques with a hirth joint is engineering with a far superior thought out process. Campy is still top dog, without a doubt. I honestly can't wait to get my hands on the new Record crank for my wifes new bike build.

With the exception to SRAMs single paddle shifting, they have no new ideas to offer in their entire group, and the brakes look like cheap Mavic knock-offs. I was under the initial impression SRAM would have more to offer. Other than a funky new shifter, the rest of group looks boring.

One thing about hte new Campy group. The brakes look anorexic. It kind of bothers me, but they are alot lighter. They look like the old brakes, except hollowed out. It's good for weight, but not for cleaning, with all those nooks and crannies. You might as well dump the cash, and get a set of 0G's in your group to replace the Records. Otherwise when the time comes, I may even consider picking up an '06 set, just because I think they are prettier.
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