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Definitely! I ride a Rock Hopper from the late 80's, its an awesome bike. Slick tires, fenders, a rear rack, blinkies and a headlight if you need it. If you find the bike comfy as is, then ride it. You may want to raise the handle bars a bit. I vote for *keeping* the bar ends. Just cover them in old tube. I did that. Works great. Lastly, do a *complete* overhaul if anything is at all questionable. Lube everything (bottom bracket, hubs, headset). Replace cables as neccesary, as well as brake pads with salmon koolstops.

As for slick tires, get the biggest ones that you can fit with fenders. Probably 1.9's.

Also, don't skimp on the refresh of the bike. Think of things like new rim tape (cloth not a big rubber band).
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