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I commuted on a hard rock for over 3 years. IMO $80 is a good price if it's in good (not cherry) condition and everything works. The worst problem I had was the seatpost jammed. The rear rim cracked after almost 4 years, but I weighed 250 most of the time I owned it, and I rode it offroad some. I liked 1.5 to 1.9 slicks for commuting at 65 psi. It will not be real fast no matter what (unless you regear) so I would not use the hi-pressure narrow slicks. For me, the main reason to use a MTB as a commuter is that you can take off-road shortcuts, put skinny tires on it and you can't even do that. I wouldn't raise the bars on it either. The bars it comes with are nice and the shifters and levers are real ergonomical, at least for my messed-up hands. Don't mess with success!

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