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Old rigid fork Hardrocks make great commuters. I started commuting on mine as is. Over time, I have customized it for my commuting style. Now it's a single speed with North Road handlebars, 26x1.5 street tires, fenders, and a rear rack. For winter, I'm going to change to 26x1.9 inverted tread tires and lower the gearing from 56 to 50 gear inches.

The stock cranks on these bikes are cheesy with riveted chainrings. Mine wore out and started to slip. A guy I work with commutes on an almost identical bike. He wore his chainrings/crank out too. He had the LBS replace the whole drivetrain with identical parts for $200. I opted to do a SS conversion job on it myself. I kind of went nuts on it and ended up with something that more closely resembles a cruiser with quick handling, or an English 3 speed commuter with 26 inch fat tires. Only regret I have is I wish I had gone with a coaster brake hub.
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