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I have an updated picture of my Hard Rock. I started tinkering with it one weekend and then I couldn't stop. The BB was a little clicky so I took it apart and tried cleaning and regreasing. Didn't really work. After awhile I got frustrated and decided to see if I could fit in an old cartridge BB I had in my spare parts bin. Went in easily and spins like a champ.

Then I thought I would get rid of the flat bars. Even with bar extensions, my wrists always feel sore after more than 10 minutes on the bike. So I pulled them off and slid in an old set of SR drops. I'd heard that you couldn't fit road drops into a mtb stem, but these fit.

Okay, now that I have drops, what about braking and shifting? Again to the spare parts bin, where I found my old 8spd RSX brifters from my first road bike. Even though the HR has a 7spd cassette, and just slightly different spacing, it's close enough. And in the gear combinations I usually ride, it's as good as ever. So, now it looks like an old tourer. Super comfy.

Next purchase will be a set of full fenders.

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