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Having been there and done that, let me assure you that you can use a MTB crank with a road Shifter, as long as you use a ROAD FD. Yes, it looks more than a bit odd, but it can and does work very nicely for me on 2 different bikes. You want to have a bit a patience getting it set up, you may not be able to get the FD mounted as close to the big chainring as you want, but it will work.

My experence is that by following the basic Park Tools Web Site directions that I needed about 15 minutes to get the shifting 'OK', and about another 30 minutes of fine tuning on limit screws and tension to get it dialed in while riding.

You MAY want to look at getting a chain watcher, it makes it a lot less likely to drop a chain going to the granny ring.

Go for it, it can be done, has been done, and gets ridden on a regular basis.

Steve W.
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