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Originally Posted by hackybiker
I'm going to take it to the local co-op and ask to use their tools. So I don't think pics of the process will be possible!

The Fuji itself is nothing special, although the fit is great for me. I picked it up for $30 at a thrift store. Some light rust in the scratches and dings that I'll have to sand out and clear paint, but it was pretty much rideable as-is. I've been slowly acquiring cheap parts to make it into what I want. The cost is adding up though!!

Here's a pic:
Couple of things. Its really easy to strip the threads on the crank when you use the extractor tool.

First, make sure after you take out the crank arm bolt be sure to check for a washer and remove it if there is one.

Second, clean the threads on the tool and on the crank arm and oil the threads before installation.

Back the extractor bolt out of the nut that screws into the crank, thread the nut on and crank arm then snug it up with a wrench, don't wank on it, but be sure its tight.

Go easy as you turn the extractor bolt! If you feel a lot of resistance, smack the end of the bolt with a hammer, loosen the extractor bolt, snug up the nut in the crank arm and start over.
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