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The only issue I have w/ SPDs is accidentally unclipping during hard climbs up steep hills when I'm moving slowly and pulling up hard on the backstroke, and occasionally while skipping and skidding on my fixie. This issue is most likely due to worn cleats since I wear my bike shoes all day everyday and so they get worn from walking around. The simple solution is to change the cleats when they're worn.

If you're going to use them on a fixie, keep the tension tight and replace the cleats when they get worn. Also make sure the cleats are positioned correctly so you won't get any knee pain because your foot's not in its natural position for pedaling.

If you don't want to lug an extra pair of shoes around and want some you can wear at the office, check these Diadora's out at Nashbar.

And yup, the ones you show are the ones I have. I rode on them for years w/ regular shoes and now w/ bike shoes and they do the trick. I might switch out for lighter pedals, but only when I have some money burning holes in my pockets and have nothing better to do.
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