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CanadianBiker32 03-29-17 04:41 PM

USA cycling and and a Gran Fondo for cat 5
Hi just a question with USA cycling. For cat 5 or 4 men and women
Is it possible a Gran Fondo event be considered for a mass start

This event

Would that event be recognized?

mkadam68 03-29-17 07:46 PM

The race? Yes. The Gran-Fondo? No.

superdex 03-29-17 10:38 PM

says right there in the 2nd sentence: "USAC santioned race in addition to the Gran and Mini Fondos" ... so do the race :)

revchuck 03-30-17 03:38 AM

Assuming the gran fondo is USAC approved, yes. From this year's rule book:

1E2. Road Upgrades
(a) Guidelines and Notes by Category:
5-4: Acquire 10 points by a combination of the following:
• 2 points – complete all three sections of a
Beginner Racer Program (BRP) clinic. Allowed up
to 10 points.
• 1 point – finish a massed start race
• 1 point – participate in a mentored race
experience where the mentor is at least a cat 3
rider and has been approved by the Local
Association. Maximum 5 points.
• USA Cycling-approved education clinics award
points based on the curriculum, length and
content. Maximum 5 points with clinic points as
determined by USAC
1 point - Participate in a USA Cycling sanctioned
Gran Fondo. Maximum 3 points

superdex 03-30-17 01:04 PM

TIL to read the freakin rule book. thanks Chuck--

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