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pjcampbell 09-02-21 04:34 PM

Wheel support guy questions
I'm doing wheel support for the green mtn stage race. I'm a little behind the times on wheel tech, As I am still riding a 10 speed Campy with rim brakes.

So what are all of the various typical wheel combinations I will likely see, as I have to try to sort the different "like" wheels together and identify them on the fly? I know that like 90% or more are disc brake these days.

rubiksoval 09-03-21 05:19 AM

You don't. You leave it to the racers. They put their wheels in and they're responsible for knowing where the wheels are to get them out.

It's simply impossible for you to keep track of a truck full of wheels, so don't even bother. Changing a wheel out is not going to be a speedy thing for anyone.

The single most important thing you can do (in my opinion), is gradually accelerate once they get going so they can grab your draft, then take it up to speed. Watch them carefully and if they start gapping off, slow accordingly. Slow a bit on the uphills, faster on the downhills. Take them as far up to the rear of the group as safe to do so, then move over to let them come by and rejoin.

pjcampbell 09-03-21 05:59 AM

Thanks. Usually (in the past) I would at least separate them by # of gears, and Shimano/SRAM vs Campy and front vs rear wheel. So it used to be fairly straight forward before disc brakes. Now I just feel like there are so many different possible combos I am not quite sure what to do!!

I always draft them back to the field when possible... if they are 2 minutes off the back of the field they aren't getting an advantage by drafting me there.

topflightpro 09-03-21 08:09 AM

At this point, you're probably looking at 10, 11, and 12 speed cassettes. Most will likely be Sram/Shimano - maybe a handful of Campy. And I'd guess you're looking at 50/50 disc/rim brakes. All the 10-spd stuff is likely to be rim. All 12-spd stuff will be disc and the 11 will be half and half.

So if you really wanted to try sorting it, I'd suggest these categories:
  • Campy
  • 10 spd Sram/Shimano
  • 11 spd Sram/Shimano Rim
  • 11 spd Sram Shimano disc
  • 12 spd Disc
That's best sorting outcome I can think of that doesn't get too complicated/granular. Others may have different thoughts.

Homebrew01 09-06-21 01:22 PM

Is it "Neutral support" or "Wheels in, wheels out" ?

Homebrew01 09-06-21 01:24 PM

Campy 11 & 12 spacing is virtually identical to Shimano/Sram, so those could be mixed as far as cassette goes.

If it's wheels in, wheels out, then wheels should have the racer's # on them so they get their own wheels. In that case, I would stash them numerically.

( Not sure how wheel vans work these days.)

Psimet2001 09-07-21 10:36 AM

11 speed - will work for 10 and 11 speed rim brake as well as campy.

12? They better have put a wheel in.

Disc? same... you will not be able to cover all of the combinations of gearing, axles, rotor size, etc and then to put it on and have the rider's caliper rubbing the rotor....

Wheels in, Wheels out. Slap their race number on it using something big and readable from afar. Put in order of race number if possible.

Matt2.8NJ 09-09-21 06:30 PM

I'm also curious about "Wheels-In/Out" vs Neutral Support.

Doesn't sound like a fun job to be in the truck. I had an odd experience at Battenkill one year. Flatted on the front, and they couldn't get my wheels out of the truck without pulling out a ton of other sets, so I ended up with some other dude's (nice) spare wheel. I wonder if this is a common occurrence.

gsteinb 09-09-21 06:45 PM

I think the correct answer is to the OP's question is any 12 speed wheels get run over.

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