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Snicklefritz 02-28-06 09:14 AM

RR's in the San Diego area?
I'm going to be in San Diego beginning March 20th for 1-2 weeks and was wondering if there are any RR's in the area that I could do. Does anyone have a link to the racing calendar for that area?

bigdraft 02-28-06 09:49 AM

The short answer is no. There is nothing on the schedule in SD in March. If you could get here a couple of days before the 20th, you could try the San Dimas Stage Race (about 2 hours north of SD proper).

There are a few crits you could race, but there really aren't any RRs then. Here's the link to all the races in S. Cal.

good luck.

If you find yourself looking for a group ride on Saturdays, give the Swami's ride or the SDBC ride a shot. Both are good group rides that will give your legs a quality workout.

Here's the link for S. Cal group rides:

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