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Skuda25 09-01-06 08:09 AM

GT - Carbon
Can someone please help me refresh my memory on GT? I remember they were sold to a larger company and the brand had fallen on hard times after trying to sell bikes in big box stores. Are they owned by the company that owns Schwinn? - Also I thought I had heard a rumor about some quality engineers working to rebuild the GT name. I have seen the TargetTraining team sponsored Alum bikes at some of my races. Looks like they are going with Carbon for 07 - Just wondering about the possible re-surgence of a once successful American brand. I remember Andrei Tchmeil on these bikes on the Lotto team in the 90's. Any of your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Skuda25 09-01-06 08:11 AM

Sorry - I meant to attached this...

flythebike 09-01-06 01:18 PM

I'm sure all the bikes will be made in Taiwan like everybody else.

I used to have one of the first nine speed Ultegra GT bikes, the Course. It was a bit of a tank, but it rode well (Reynolds 853).

theshoemaker 09-02-06 11:10 PM

I don't remember exactly but I do know that a few of there top designers and a large amount of production became Felt.

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