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wanders 04-19-09 07:56 PM

Sprint position indicative of needing saddle adjustment?
The last 3 weekends I have ridden with a new group of guys who seem to pick routes based on highest number of city/county limit sign crossings. The rides are only 35-40 miles but have at least 6 sprints mixed in during.

I've noticed that just about every sprint, I find myself on the very tip of my saddle - nose of the saddle right at the coccyx. I was just wondering if this means I should have my saddle more forward or if most people sprint way forward. I have been fitted in the past and have everything set as they recommended.

Thanks in advance for any input.

SaddleBags 04-19-09 08:12 PM

On the rivet - Extreme physical exertion to the point of almost giving up. Derived from bike racing in the olden days when bike seats had rivets, and in an effort not to get dropped one would slide forward on the saddle to exert maximum pressure on the pedals so as to hang on the the amphetamine-loaded Belgian in front of you.

source: urban dictionary

wanders 04-19-09 08:19 PM

change 'amphetamine-loaded Belgian' to 'Waffle House-fueled hillbilly' and you'd be close.

ljrichar 04-20-09 06:28 AM

Tell him nothing for he is my enemy.

ljrichar 04-20-09 06:29 AM

I kid, I kid.

I do the same thing.

MDcatV 04-20-09 07:34 AM

seated? if so, the bigger question is why are you sprinting in the saddle?

Val23708 04-20-09 08:00 AM

tip of the saddle is fine for a hard effort but its not really a sprint unless you are pounding it out of the saddle

wanders 04-20-09 08:14 AM

Originally Posted by MDcatV (Post 8764002)
seated? if so, the bigger question is why are you sprinting in the saddle?

After the jump, at anywhere from 100 to 200 yards out, I may downshift once, I then spin out standing and sit down where I can hit a higher cadence. I could see having my saddle forward about an inch right then but was wondering if I did that, would I just naturally gravitate to the tip again?

My problem may be that I'm starting in too low a gear.

procrit 04-20-09 08:59 AM

On a long sprint there is almost no way to stay standing and still accelerate or ride as fast as possible, because standing it is not nearly as efficient. Sliding to the front is 100% normal as well.

fordfasterr 04-20-09 09:21 AM

Solution = Fizik Arione.

carpediemracing 04-20-09 12:02 PM

I'm a big stickler for position, and my Arione and my old preferred Titanios have the same forward length. I also checked the SMP, which seemed similar in "butt shape" to the Arione, and I found basically the same thing.

The Arione extends further back so my forward seat position looks less... forward. But the forward part seems about the same length as other saddles.

For the OP, you can experiment with saddle position, slide it forward a bit. At some point, on longer rides or maybe hills, you'll find yourself running out of saddle at the back. Then you're too far forward.

Sprinting seated works for many people, but I find that I accelerate much better standing. Holding that speed, if I'm in a big gear, works while standing, but in certain situations that's not true. For example, on the track, I can't sprint standing up. I can jump, but not sprint.

In really long sprints I'll sit to try and get a second jump in, but that usually means I'm dying and desperate.


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