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redal 06-22-09 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by Dubbayoo (Post 9137676)
It doesn't affect Bahati in the sense that Ivan will be doing the big races while Rahsaan is still on the amateur squad. It does likely affect Bahati's chances of moving back to the A-team. I believe the two get along fine but they both like being the 'go to' guy at the end.

Ivan just got his citizenship last year so it seems natural he'd not want to stay over in Europe. I think he had a kid last year too.

Rahsaan resigned with the pro squad Friday, the day after Ivan resigned with Rock. I had a front row seat to Ivan riding his nutz off to help Bahati win today. I think next week will be interesting.

YMCA 06-22-09 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by redal (Post 9143419)
I think I've talked with you about this before. I've seen Dan L. a couple of times since then at Superweek, masters Natz and elite natz. I raced against Ivan today and Danny B. called me years ago for a reference for the INS. My favorite guy out of that group was Mike Z. I've only seen him once since they came out in 2000. The bus looked like an airport shuttle but I remember the inside having a locked cage. It was some kind of prison transport or something.

Mike Z and his even better racer brother Ralph C were my good friends for a long time. We were all teammates for a couple years as well. Ralph is now the bike-ped guy in his town and Mike was coaching, but neither has made a comeback the last few years. I'll have to get in touch to see what's up.

Dan L is running the Jittery Joes outfit this year and watches his wife rock the pro's.

Danny B. INS? All I know is that Danny threw his back and was never the same, so he took off for New Orleans never to be heard from again. That guy won on sheer will.

Fat Boy 06-22-09 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by redal (Post 9143431)
I think next week will be interesting.

No kidding....You think Bahati wants to win back-to-backs in his kinda hometown race? Ivan's payback will come in Missouri. No doubt Rahsaan has slated Manhattan Beach as an 'A' race and will be in peak form. Ivan is probably looking at later in the year because up until a week ago he was potentially racing different races in Europe. There was nothing to peak for.

dominguez1k2go 11-25-13 11:41 AM

You are right on that my friend, this is Ivan Dominguez getting back at you. What happen in Europe I never told any one because is no point to create more problems that the one that I had when I was over there.

On top of that I have a family to take care and to be with, I was never interested on going over there but that is when Fuji the company called me offering a good contract for me to go there because was going to be good for them and they need my support.

Any ways, I did just the 2nd half of the season with RR and everything was good between Ball and my self but I was not planing on staying there for another season, too many problems that people didn't see back then.

YMCA 11-25-13 02:51 PM

Ivan resurrecting a thread devoted to his 2009 comeback.

What's the catch Missile Crisis???

Racer Ex 11-25-13 04:04 PM

I'm still processing his win at Vegas back then.

waterrockets 11-25-13 04:29 PM

Hey Ivan, maybe you should drop in over in the "When to be in the drops" thread. :thumb:

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