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El Diablo Rojo 07-17-09 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by dmotoguy (Post 9301004)
mashing a big gear slow can have the same net wattage as spinning a smaller gear.. the only way you know his watts are high is his placing in every friggin field sprint.

I know that but generally to get the same wattage/speed at higher cadence it's a lot higher cadence.

70sDave 11-26-13 11:25 PM

One easy way to estimate speeds is to look at a video of the sprint and see how many seconds it takes to cover the last few hundred metres. This is not too difficult especially if you play the video at half or quarter speed over the measuring points. There are distance flags for the riders to time their sprint to the finish line, so obviously you need to be able to see these in the video!

carleton 11-27-13 01:15 PM

Locking this zombie thread.

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